About History of Stone Mill

Stone Mill, we usually think it is one kind of old mill for grinding wheat or corn into flour. After studying, some specialists and scholars have ever reported stone mill should appear before rolling stone. And it should be from ancient potting. This point was from an article of Agriculture History of the P.R. of China in 1987.

These specialists and scholars, their main theory is stone mill should be made basing on the rotation of potting tools. Chinese stone mill has already the long history of more than 2,000 years. In the Han Dynasty of Chinese History, it had been named Mill. But it was not the original stone mill. Because Chinese had used it before the Han Dynasty. In a wrods, Stone Mill should appear before the Han Dynasty of Chinese History.

Traditional Stone Mill

Traditional Stone Mill, its power supply will be from three kinds of different style. The first is by Manpower. The second is by Wind Power. And the thrid is by Water Power .

Traditional Stone Mill, it can be used for grinding all kinds of grain included wheat or barley, corn or maize, rice, soyabean or other beans. Its final products will be flour or milk. Of course, traditional stone mill can aslo mill tea,medicinal materials into different powder. Anyway, traditional stone mill have still widely use for different filed now.

Modern Stone Mill

Modern Stone Mill: Most of them, they are electric stone mill and used wtih motor-driven. It can not only be used with the single but also be combined by many stone mills. With the development of moden flour milling industry, modern stone mill has been used for small scale of flour milling plant or oil milling factory.

However, its production or processing capacity of traditional stone mill will be very limited because of its limited rotation speed. More medium-size or large-scale of flour milling plants will use advanced & automatic roller flour mill. Roller Flour Mill has been a new times instead of traditional stone mill to be used for flour milling industry. It will bring us more and advanced milling technology and we will also be able to extract better flour with high quality.

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